Friday, February 28, 2020

Black world study Intellectual Autobiography Essay

Black world study Intellectual Autobiography - Essay Example e the black historical experiences, the African-American experience, the race and ethnicity struggles, social stratification and black American renaissance movements that fostered black cultural identity (Bobo and Hudley 43). I am now aware that Africa continent is the cradle of mankind since there is existing documented anthropological evidence of existence of human beings and evidence of early civilizations in countries such as Egypt. The history of European colonization of African countries and enslavement of blacks in Western Hemisphere was critical for understanding how blacks of contributed to the diverse nature of societies across the world and how their force labor furthered overseas trade. I learned about the origins of transatlantic slave trade that mainly supplied slave labor to the southern cotton plantations in the new world between 1400 and 1800. The Jim Crow laws and Black Codes discriminated the blacks and perpetuated slavery by ensuring segregation and arrest of violent and escaping slavery. The blacks encountered extreme poverty during the Great Depression due to lack of formal jobs and low education levels (Bobo and Hudley 47). The program introduced me to the race, gender, and class oppression that affected the Black world and how the blacks struggled to overcome the various forms of enslavement, oppression, discrimination and prejudice in the society. The program enabled me understand how the black struggles against oppression led to the amendments of the US constitution such as the provisions that allowed equal participation in elections and fair justice procedures. Accordingly, black power movements strengthened human right activists who spearheaded the anti-discrimination legislation such as the Civil rights Act of 1967. I have learned that black people used civil disobedience to steer racial reforms and some organizations that spearheaded the demand for equality include Black Panther Party and Black Student Movement (Bobo and Hudley 44).

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